The South Africn Air Force (SAAF) host its Air Capability Demonstration (ACD) twice a year.  The first ACD for 2014 was recently hosted at the Roodewal Weapons Range.
The ACD is used to show case the SAAF's capability in a simulated hostile threat situation.  Live rounds of ammunition and live bombs are detonated at  this event, and invited military attaches from around the world are present.
The above image is a SAAF BK117 helicopter simulating a emergecy airlift fro an injured soldier, while the SAAF Rooivalk attack helicopeter provides air support.  
The Rooiovalk is designed, manufactured and produced entirely from South Africa.
A SAAF Rooivalk attack helicopter painted in the UN colour scheme.  This helicopter has seen active duty in Africa.
A rarely seen 7-ship formation of SAAF Gripen Fighter Jets.
A collection of SAAF Helicopters.  From Left to Right -Oryx, Augusta 109, Rooivalk, BK117, Augusta 109, Rooivalk, and a Oryx.
One of the elite SAAF Pathfinders.
Always amaxzing to see a SAAF Gripen dispensing its flares.
A SAAF Rooivalk attack helicopter showing its teeth as it fires of a mas of  live rounds.
A very impressive sight to behold, a SAAF Oryx helicopter dispensing a full rnage of flares.
A simulated "dog fight" between two SAAF Gripen fighter jets and the 'enemy' in the SAAF Hawk.
A SAAF Rooivalk keeps cover for the SAAF Oryx to collect the ground troops.
A up close and personal encounter of the full might and fire power of the SAAF Rooivalk Attack helicopter firing off live rounds.
Working under tough conditions, lot sof diesel and dust!
Ground troops been deployed for action by a SAAF Oryx helicopter.
Two SAAF Rooivalk Attack Helicopters giving the enemy a taste oif hell with all its fire power.
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