For South Africa's 4th Democratically elected President, the inauguartion took place in May 2014. The South African Air Foce pulled out all the stops to ensure a very impressive display of its air power.  This is a 14-ship SAAF helicopter fly-past , the onlt helicopter type not represented in this fly-past is thjat of the SAAF Lynx helicopter.
A tight 3-ship formation of a SAAF Rooivalk Attack helicpter, and two SAAF Oryx helicopters.  The Roovalk is locally desigend, built and procduce and has seen active service in Africa recently.  it is still  painted in the distinctive UN clours.
A rare sight of the SAAF VIP fleet in formation, flanked by two SAAF Gripen's. A Falcon 900, Falcon 50 and a Boeing BBJ.
a 5-ship BAE Hawk fighter jet formation.
Always impressive to see a 5-ship SAAF Gripen fighter jet formation.
This SAAF Helicopter formation consits of  the follwoing SAAF Helicopoters:
Agusta 109 LUH
A SAAF Turbo DAK (DC-3), Pilatus PC-12, and three SAAF Cessna Caravan's.
a very rare sight, a 19-ship fromation of Pilatus Pc-7s Mkii.  the "20" signifies 20 years of democracy ion South Africa. A very proud moment.
A beautiful sight, three SAAF C130 BZ Hercules transport aircraft in formation.
The SAAF VIP aircraft formation.
A truly unique South African formation.  South African Airways Airbus A340-600 with the SAAF Silver Falcons PC-7 Mkii.
Another view of the SAA A340-600 and the SAAF Silver Falcons, this time with the smoke on.
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